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Energy Management System (EnMS)


This program is designed to implement reliable certification programs and
promote EnMS, the international energy management system standard.
KEA aims to lay foundation for GHG emission and better energy
efficiency of industrial and power generating facilities and large
commercial buildings through this program.


  • The National Basic Energy Conservation Plan for Industrial Sector
    • The First National Basic Energy Plan (’08~’30) and the Fourth Basic Plan for Rational Energy Utilization
      included plans to promote EnMS
  • EnMS has become a new paradigm for energy management in industrial facilities and buildings
  • KEA cooperates with other international institutions to develop ISO standards* and get prepared
    for GSEP**
    • *ISO TC 242 (Energy Management Technical Committee 242) : The committee was set up in February 2008. It has been developing five EnMS standards such as certification audit, assessment, performance evaluation, M&V and guidelines since the establishment of ISO 50001 in November 2006.
    • **GSEP (Global Superior Energy Performance Partnership) : GSEP is one of the Clean Energy Ministerial
      initiatives to improve energy efficiency of industrial buildings. 14 countries including the US, EU countries
      and Korea are participating in GSEP.
Phase Objectives Duration Details
Phase 1 Build foundation for EnMS Introduce EnMS to Korea '06~'11 Created KS A ISO 50002 (Oct. ’11) Laid foundation for Korean ISO 50001 certification system Run pilot EnMS certification programs (’08~’11) Developed and operated training courses for EnMS auditors and working-level staffs (‘08~’13) Developed and distributed materials on technology (run a homepage)
Phase 2 Conduct more detailed programs for the introduction of EnMS(Quantify the results of EnMS) '11 ~ '14 Implemented Korean ISO 50001 certification system (Nov. ’12) Designated the first certification institution in Korea by KS A ISO 50001 (May ’13) Conducted a feasibility assessment of adopting international standards for energy management performance evaluation (’13) (the assessment was conducted on 8 industrial facilities and 2 commercial buildings) Developed Korean national standards for energy management evaluation and a related software Participated in ISO TC 242 to develop international standards and establish foundation for GSEP Developed and operated EnMS experts training courses (’14~) Built infrastructure of EnMS and provided supports to energy management evaluation of SMEs (’14)
Phase 3 Implement government support programs for EnMS '15~(planned) Implement government support programs for EnMS Offer supports and incentives to companies partnered with the governments Work on EnMS international cooperation projects (ISO TC 242 and GSEP)

Energy Management System (EnMS) is a standardized energy management system. It standardizes activities of the entire members of an organization to save energy and enhance energy efficiency in a systemic and continuous way.

Concept of EnMS

Concept of EnMS
Concept of EnMS
Management Accountability Plan Do Check Act
Management side -Management accountability
-Energy policy
-Regulations -Eligibility
-Compliance evaluation
-Internal assessment
-Keep records of unsatisfactory cases
-Management review
Technical side -Energy review
-Energy baseline
-Energy performance Index (EnPI) goals
-Detailed goals
-Action plan
-Operation management