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Energy Audit


This program provides energy consumers with technical consulting service of energy auditing agencies that have technical equipment and talent. Auditing agencies analyze energy consumption flow of consumers from supply and transfer to final use, identify the process that cause energy loss and suggest an optimal solution for energy saving.

Benefits of Energy Audit
  • Obtain means to meet the targets of the target control system
  • Enhance company image by participating in national efforts to achieve the low-carbon and green growth
  • Save cost and improve energy intensity through energy conservation
  • Reduce energy consumption by giving energy consumers motivation through investments and efforts for energy conservation
  • Raise awareness for GHG reduction and energy conservation in the entire company
Facilities and Technology
  • Prevent energy loss by optimizing operation of each facility
  • Improve energy intensity and reduce burdens on environmental pollution
  • Stabilize production facilities by building optimal energy use model
  • Build rational operation system for combined production and auxiliary facilities
  • Stimulate energy saving activities by obtaining necessary data and information
Legal basis
  • Legal basis for mandatory energy audit
    • - The article 32 of the Energy Use Rationalization Act (Energy Audit)

  • Energy audit cycle
    • - The article 36 of the Enforcement Decree of the Energy Use Rationalization Act (Energy audit cycle)

Energy audit cycle
Energy consumption per annum Energy audit cycle
More than 0.2 million toe Complete audit: 5 years/ Partial audit: 3 years
Less than 0.2 million toe 5 years