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Greenhouse Gas Reduction in Transportation Sector


Evaluate the energy consumption in the transportation sector and enforce measures to reduce the energy consumption are not easy tasks. KEA tries to meet this challenge through a cooperation with private companies.

KEA provides working-level supports to companies to build inventory of energy consumption in transportation sector by conducting pilot business with them. KEA also develops MRV (measurement, reporting and verification) method for vehicle combustion.


  • ‘10
    - Built medium and long-term strategies for GHG reduction in transportation sector
    - Identified opportunities to reduce GHG by participating in projects partnered with 7 companies in the transportation sector
  • ‘11
    -Developed a GHG reduction project and expanded the scope of the subject companies from 7 companies to 10 companies
    -Provided working-level support to the subject companies in building GHG inventory and developing measures to reduce the emission
  • ‘12
    Implemented an energy consumption reporting project for passenger and freight transportation companies with an energy consumption over 2,000 toe
  • ‘13
    Laid foundation for transportation energy efficiency logo certification system in order to further develop the emission reduction projects in the transportation sector and encourage more participation of companies
  • ‘14
    Implemented the energy consumption reporting project in transportation sector for companies in industrial, building and transportation sectors and whose energy consumption in the previous year exceeds 2,000 toe

KEA offers methods for energy conservation and GHG reduction and information on new technology to companies in transportation sector through cooperation with them.

Entities subject to the program

Shipper companies and passenger and freight transportation companies