Energy Saving Campaign


Instead of hammering energy conservation information into people, KEA tries to encourage voluntary participation of citizens and companies in energy saving efforts in everyday life.


  • Active promotional efforts on energy conservation and the citizen’s participation are needed
  • Various promotional programs such as awards for those who made contribution to energy saving efforts or designation of an energy saving month have been developed since the establishment of NREC by the Energy Use Rationalization Act
    • Energy Saver Award: The award has started since 1975 (33 years)
    • Energy saving month: Hold technical seminar and make presentation on the best practice or hole other local events since Cabinet meeting’s decision in 1985
    • Energy conservation contest: prize winning works are used in promotional materials for energy conservation in art collection, newspaper ads.
Details of the program

Program aims to encourage participation of the citizen

  • Energy conservation contest
    • - KEA holds a contest of essays, posters and newspaper advertisement ideas for energy conservation, climate change and new and renewable energy

  • Energy conservation social contribution campaign
    • - Citizens, companies and other private organizations share ideas to save energy in the daily life to create social values

  • Partnership programs with NGOs
    • - Partnership programs with private organizations

      • · KEA implements partnership programs using networks of NGOs to promote “energy saving and green lifestyle
    • - Partnership programs with Korea NGOs’ Energy Network

      • · Korea NGOs’ Energy Network is an association of 245 NGOs created in 2000. They include NGOs in the field of social issues including consumer, gender, and environment. KEA works with them to promote voluntary energy saving efforts of the citizen.
  • Electricity Conservation Portal page
    • - KEA posts real-time electricity supply and demand status and other information on electricity conservation on its portal page to help address the recent power shortage issues

  • Production and distribution promotional materials on energy conservation
    • - Produce printed promotional materials on energy conservation to raise awareness of the people and help mitigate power shortages

    • - The promotional materials include recommendations for power conservation, energy conservation posters and stickers for summer and winter season

  • Award those who are active in energy conservation efforts
    • - KEA identiies and award individuals and organizations who contributed to low carbon green growth to spread energy saving culture.

Targets of the program

Companies, NGOs, local government, public institutions, citizens