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Energy Supporter


Provide energy expert (energy supporter) to SMEs who lack energy professionals and capital in order to help them improve energy efficiency and build climate change capacity.


  • Jun ’09
    The Energy Demand Management Plan for To High Oil Prices was established at the 20th Emergency Economic Measures Meeting
  • Jun‘10
    Support SMEs with energy consumption over 2,000 toe
  • Jun‘11
    Support SMEs with energy consumption under 2,000 toe
  • Jun‘12
    Support SMEs in national industrial complexes with energy consumption 100~10,000 toe
  • Jun‘13
    Support SMEs with energy consumption 500~2,000 toe

Energy supporters visit recipient companies to analyze energy consumption pattern and offer energy conservation technology. In this way, this program provides supports tailored to each company.

Eligible entities


Details of the supports
  • Analyze energy consumption pattern of SMEs, measure efficiency of major facilities and transfer energy efficiency technology
  • Provide supports tailored to each SME* and offer other services in connection with the program
    • *Financial support for energy conservation facilities, ESCO investment projects, KVER and EnMS

Program Schedule
  • (February ~ April) Announce implementation of the program and decide recipient companies
  • (May ~ December) Energy supporters give technology training to recipient companies
    • - The schedule above is subject to change


E-Supporter Process