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High-efficiency Electric Product Subsidy


This program aims to reduce power consumption and promote energy use rationalization by encouraging use of high-efficiency electric devices that can lower power consumption.


  • This program has been implemented with the Foundation Fund for Power Industry since 2001 as a measure of electricity demand-side management projects such as electricity load management program, programs to promote electricity demand-side management and programs to improve power efficiency
  • KEA promotes the use of high-efficiency electric devices to reduce electricity consumption and peak power. This is to encourage the public to rationalize their energy consumption.
  • KEA replaces old lighting systems with high-efficiency devices for free for the energy poor such as low-income groups and social welfare facilities. This is to improve their energy welfare.

    ※ low-income groups: General recipients of the basic living assistance program prescribed in the National Basic Living Security Act

    ※ Social welfare facilities: Community and Utility facilities that are reported to the Ministry of Health & Welfare and the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family

Targets of the program
  • Projects to promote high-efficiency equipment: LED lamps with interior/exterior converter, inverters, coolers
  • Projects to promote electricity load management equipment: cold storage systems, remote controlling systems of cooling and heating equipment, peak electricity control system, district cooling systems, gas cooling systems
  • Projects to improve energy welfare: High-efficiency fluorescent lamps and LED lamps