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Building Energy Code Compliance


This program sets obligatory requirements on energy saving design including preventing heat loss and installing energy saving facilities and develops energy efficiency indexes for effective management of building energy.


  • ‘03
    KEA reviewed energy-saving worksheets pursuant to the local government ordinance
  • Jul. ’08
    KEA was designated as a review & advisory institution by law (The article 22 of the Rule on Construction Standards of Buildings, order of the Ministry of Land, Transportation and Maritime Affairs)
  • Jul. ’10
    Insulation standard was raised to 20%
  • Jul. ’11
    The Total Annual Energy Consumption program was implemented for office buildings with area greater than 10,000 m2
  • Feb. ’13
    The Green Building Promotion Act was implemented
  • Sep. ’13
    Heat transmission coefficient standard was raised to 30% and the scope of applicable buildings was broadened

The property owner should submit Building Energy Code Compliance when applying for building permits of new buildings with gross area greater than 500 m2 pursuant to the Building Design Standards for Energy Saving (the Notification of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transportation) and Green Building Promotion Act.

KEA reviews the worksheet to check if the property satisfies all of the standards and gets at least 65 points on the Energy Performance Index (EPI) (minimum 75 points for public buildings) and decide on the insurance of the building permit.

Main contents of Building Energy Code Compliance

  • Construction: energy-saving design criteria including average
    heat transmission coefficient, air-tightness of window and
    rooftop landscape
  • Machinery and electric facilities: installing high-efficiency
    certified products and adopting energy-saving control techniques
  • New and renewable energy: utilizing new and renewable energy for
    the electric load and capacity for cooling, heating and supplying hot water
Targets of the program
  • Buildings prescribed in the article 10 of Enforcement Decree of the Green Building Promotion Act (Buildings required to submit Building Energy Code Compliance)
    • - Buildings with gross area greater than 500m2 that apply for building permit


Building Energy-Saving Worksheet Process