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High-efficiency Appliance Certification


KEA certificates high-efficient and energy-saving facilities and equipment to promote certified facilities and equipment and create relevant markets. KEA also aims to maximize energy conservation by raising technological standards of SMEs.


  • This program has been implemented since 1992 to promote high-efficiency equipment by guaranteeing the efficiency of equipment that meet certain level of standards. A Certification is issued to equipment that meets standards notified by the government after efficiency and performance tests. The number of target equipment has grown and standards have been strengthened for the continuous improvements in performance and efficiency of equipment. There are 45 target equipments including pumps, boilers, LED lighting appliances. The program contributes to the technology development of SMEs and energy conservation of our nation by controlling the efficiency of facilities and equipment across the industries.
  • This program is an energy efficiency certification system for products that meet certain level of energy efficiency standard. This program aims to develop energy efficiency technology and to promote high-efficiency equipment.
    • - A certification is issued for the certified products. They can bear the high-efficiency label.

      ※ This program is a voluntary program
Targets of the program

45 products in 7 different categories

고효율에너지기자재 인증 사업대상 표
Category Products
Lighting equipment (21) Sensor lighting equipment, metal-halide lamps, electric ballasts for metal-halide lamp, electric ballasts for natrium lamps, PLS equipment, UCD lamp equipment, reflectors for HID lamps, LED traffic lights, LED leading lights, LED lamps using external converter, LED lamps using internal converter, attaching and detaching LED equipment, LED guard lighting equipment, LED sensor equipment, converters for LED lighting modules, LED street lights, LED flood lighting equipment, LED tunnel luminaires, Tublar LED lamps, LED module for channel letter signs, LED lamps for fluorescent lamp retrofit (internal converter type)
Insulation equipment (2) High-performance insulating door, adhesive films for glazing
Electricity equipment (11) Uninterruptable power supply systems, inverters, multi-function type switching systems, single-phase induction motors, pumps, ventilation fans, centrifugal blowers, air lifters, turbo blowers, energy storage systems, demand controllers
Boilers and cooling/heating equipment (11) Industrial and building gas boilers, oil combustion hot water boilers, industrial and building oil boilers, regenerative boilers, heat recovery ventilators, centrifugal screw chiller, automatic temperature control systems for heating, direct-fired absorption cool and hot water dispenser, thermos hygrostats, gas heat pumps, gas vacuum hot water boilers
Supports to promote high-efficiency equipment
  • Loans and tax incentives
    • - KEA provides financial support prescribed in the Guideline for Financial Support to Energy Use Rationalization Project (Notification of MOITE no. 2014-34)

    • - In case of the investments in projects that involve high-efficiency certified equipment, the amount equivalent to 3/100 (5% for medium sized companies and 10% for small and medium sized companies) of the invested amount shall be deducted from the income tax or corporation tax in the corresponding tax year.

      ※ eligible equipment: 12 products including LED lightings and ESS
  • Public buildings purchase high-efficiency equipment
    • - Public institutions should make high-efficiency products their first choice of equipment installation or replacement

      ※ Regulation on Energy Use Rationalization of Public Institutions (Notification of MOITE no. 2013-71, July 12 2013)
  • The Public Procurement Service purchases high-efficiency equipment
    • - The Public Procurement Service may suggest high-efficiency certified products to those who request the purchase of certain appliances over other items in the same category

      ※ Rules on Procurement of Energy Consuming Products (The Public Procurement Service Instruction No. 1553, August 23 2012)
  • The use of high-efficiency products is recommended for construction of apartments and office buildings with area greater than 3,000m2
    • - Energy-saving worksheet should be submitted to the head of local government for construction of buildings with size over a minimum level pursuant to the article 14 of the Green Building Promotion Act

      ※ The Energy Saving Design Standards of Buildings (The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transportation Notification No.2013-587, Oct 1 2013)
  • Provide financial incentives for installation of high-efficiency certified products
    • - Offer financial incentives for installation of high-efficiency certified products such as LED lightings and inverters