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e-Standby Power


This program is designed to promote technologies for standby power reduction and the widespread use of energy saving products.


  • This program has been implemented since 1999 in order to promote standby power saving devices
  • Devices that meet the government’s standby power saving standards are labeled with energy saving logo while those that do not meet the standards bear standby power warning label
  • The devices that are automatically switched to energy saving mode, minimizes standby power and meet the standby power reduction standards are allowed to bear energy saving label. Those that do not meet the standards must bear warning labels.

    ※ e-Standby power: Electricity consumed when electric devices such as computers and monitors are on standby-mode

Target of the program

Computers, monitors, printers, facsimiles, copiers, scanners, multi-function copiers, automatic energy saving controller, audios, DVD players, Microwaves, Door phones, telephones and cordless telephones, radio cassette players, bidets, home gateways, servers, hand dryers, digital converters, routers and wireless routers (total 21 items)