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EE & Climate Change


KEA strives to strengthen the foundation of international cooperation on energy efficiency through bilateral and multilateral cooperation with other international organizations. The goal is to be an information hub for energy and climate change that can facilitate exchange of information through active participation in international cooperation projects.


  • KEA supports inter-governmental conferences on the convention on climate change
    • - The Convention on Climate Change in 1992 and Kyoto protocol in 1997
  • KEA supports APEC Energy Working-Level Group
    (EWG) conference
    • - APEC EWG was established in 1990 and the 1st EWG
      conference was held in Singapore in 1991
    APEC image
  • KEA supports International Partnership for Energy
    Efficiency Cooperation (IPEEC) conference
    • - Establishment of IPEEC was first suggested by Japan in the
      G8+3 Energy Ministerial Meeting in 2008. IPEEC was
      officially established in G8 Ministerial Meeting on Energy
      in Rome Italy in 2009.
    IPEEC image
  • Build foundation of cooperation with international organizations and find opportunities to develop cooperation projects
    • - KEA strives to strengthen the cooperation with international organizations such as UNESCAP, UNEP, UNIDO, EBRD, IEA, World Bank, IDB and IIC
Major Projects

Multilateral cooperation: KEA participates in international conferences on energy efficiency and new and renewable energy to build network with other international organizations and identify opportunities to cooperate with them.

  • UNFCCC image
    • - UNFCCC Conference of the Parties (COP): UN Framework Convention on Climate Change was adopted in 1992 to address global warming issues. KEA attends UNFCC COP and other related meetings.
  • APEC image
    • - APEC Energy Working-level Group (EWG): KEA attends APEC EWG meeting to discuss energy policies and cooperate with other countries on topics of enhancing energy efficiency in Asia-Pacific region and promoting new and renewable energy.
  • IEA image
    • - IEA Energy Efficiency Working Party (EEWP): EEWP overseas international cooperation on policy development for energy efficiency in OECD countries.
  • EEhub image
    • - Energy Efficiency Hub(EE hub) : Cooperation on Steering Committee as vice chair and energy efficiency sector
  • ASEAN+3 image
    • - ASEAN+3 Energy Cooperation (New and Renewable Energy/ Energy Efficiency Forum): ASEAN+3 Energy Cooperation facilitates cooperation of 10 member countries of ASEAN, Japan, China and Korea on energy issues

Bilateral Cooperation: KEA strengthens its international cooperation by discussing energy policies and exchanging information and seek for opportunities to participate in cooperation projects

  • IPEEC 이미지
    • - KEA pushes forward with bilateral cooperation with various foreign institutions including Swedish Energy Agency, NREL of the US, Energy Market Authority of Singapore, Ministry of Planning and Investment of Vietnam, Chilean Agency of Energy Efficiency and Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research.

      - KEA participates in joint projects on energy efficiency and new and renewable energy with IIC, ADB, WB and UN organizations