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KEA aims to heighten its country reputation in multilateral organizations and have stronger initiative for cooperation. KEA seeks for new opportunities for practical bilateral cooperation to strengthen its ties with other organizations and to build a stepping stone for Korean companies to explore into new markets.

Multilateral cooperation programs
  • IEA Renewable Energy Working Party (REWP) programs
    • - KEA participates in the REWP programs pursuant to the Implementing Agreements.

    • - KEA participates in five new and renewable energy technology cooperation programs and carry out six joint research projects.

      ※ the five technology cooperation programs: SolarPACES, Wind, Bioenergy, PVPS and Hydrogen programs
  • International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) programs
    • - KEA promotes deployment and continuous use of renewable energy through cooperation with international societies.

    • - IRENA is an international organization on renewable energy. The organization is active in the areas of policy consultant, technology transfer and creating global scenario on renewable energy.

  • APEC Expert Group on New and Renewable Energy Technology (EGNRET) programs
    • - KEA implements APEC EGNRET cooperation programs to share information on new and renewable energy and to promote technology partnership and technology commercialization.

    • - KEA attends EGNRET meetings twice a year and make presentations on new and renewable energy industry trend by sectors. (Korea was the Vice President from 2012 to 2014)

  • International Partnership for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells in the Economy (IPHE) programs
    • - The programs are developed to strengthen international cooperation for early establishment of hydrogen economy.

    • - KEA participates in the operation committee, the executive and communication committee and the working group programs on verification, regulation and education.

Multilateral cooperation programs
  • IEA program

    IEA program

    Renewable energy programs in which KEA participates

    고효율에너지기자재 인증 사업대상 표
    Program Date of participation Participating Entity
    PVPS April 1994 Ministry of Industry
    Wind Energy System August 2005 Ministry of Industry
    Hydrogen September 2005 Ministry of Industry
    SolarPACES March 2008 Ministry of Industry
    Bioenergy March 2010 Ministry of Industry
  • IRENA Programs
    • - KEA participates in cooperation projects on renewable energy, policy consultation and technology transfer.

    IRENA Programs

  • APEC EGNRET programs
    • - KEA implements expert group projects on new and renewable energy

    APEC EGNRET programs

  • IPHE programs
    • - KEA assists the government for the works in connection with the steering committee, the executive, communication committee and operate expert group on production and storage of hydrogen, fuel cell, code and standardization, social and economic impact analysis

    IPHE programs

Bilateral Cooperation programs
  • KEA develops cooperation programs based on memorandum of cooperation and inter-governmental agreements
  • KEA pursues cooperation by sharing technology information, holding joint seminars and business fairs