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Vision and History


Korea Energy Agency was established to reduce GHG emission and to contribute to the healthy
economic development through efficient implementation of energy use rationalization projects.

2000' - Today
  • Jul. 2016

    Designated as KS certification authority of RE equipment

  • Jul. 2015

    Changed name to 'Korea Energy Agency(KEA)'

  • Jun. 2012

    Designated as a Green Architecture Center

  • Jul. 2009

    Designated as a Cooperating Organization for
    Standards Development (COSD)

  • Nov. 2005

    Designated as a CDM operating entity (OE)

  • Jul. 2005

    Opened the GHG registration office

  • Feb. 2003

    Established the Center for Development and Deployment of
    Alternative Energy (affiliate with KEA)

1990’ - 1999’
  • Dec. 1998

    Closed the office of integrated energy business
    Integrated the Center for Energy & Resources Technology Development
    (an affiliated institution of KEA) into KEA head office

  • Aug. 1995

    Established the office of industrial complex business

1980’ - 1989’
  • Sep. 1989

    Established the Center for Alternative Energy Development

  • Dec. 1987

    The Alternative Energy Development Promotion Act was promulgated

  • Jan. 1986

    Established the office of district heating business

  • Jul. 1980

    Korea Energy Agency was established