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Notification of Name Change

A New Journey Begins,
Korea Energy Agency opens a
new horizon in Korea's energy future.

Since its establishment in 1980, Korea Energy Agency has been a maestro of efficient and rational energy use in Korea, as a silent guardian of Korea's sound economic development and better quality of life.

KEA has been at the center of laying the foundation for a low energy consumption society and efficient energy using culture, from energy audit services that identify energy saving potential in energy intensive business sites, to ICT based optimization of energy use patterns in industrial and buildings sector.

KEA has been lighting up Korea's energy future by securing renewable energy sources such as solar, wind energy, and by guiding ways to use less energy for more electric appliances, buildings and vehicles, KEA has become a top energy efficiency expert organization.

KEA is now preparing for another shift to wider horizons.

In a global energy environment that shifts from supply side to demand side and from government-led to market-led mechanism, KEA is ready to add vitality to the creative economy, by pioneering to create an autonomous energy ecosystem based on new energy businesses and new markets.

As part of our social responsibility, energy voucher business has been launched to alleviate the difficulty of low income groups, and we will work to earn higher trust in the energy sector as a reliable partner for small and medium-sized enterprises.

With deep gratitude for the continued interest and support to KEA, we look forward to the new journey of Korea Energy Agency as a global energy service expert organization.

Thank you.